When it comes to healthy eating, having a good repertoire of meals is essential. You don’t need to be a fancy chef, but having some quick go to meals and a source to explore more varied recipes makes the weekly meal plan a little easier!

I often recommend to my clients to have a list of 2 or 3 go to recipes for breakfast and lunch, then for dinner options having more like 4-5 easy meals up your sleeve, and plan to try one new dinner recipe a week.

To give you some examples of quick breakfasts:

  • overnight oats (easy to prep a few in advance)
  • breakfast quiches
  • porridge in winter, or yoghurt & natural muesli in summer

Quick lunch ideas:

  • tuna or chicken with salad and quick cup rice/quinoa
  • the simple salad sandwich on grainy with some protein like chicken, egg, tuna
  • frittata or quiche that can be made at the beginning of the week

Dinner inspiration:

I love to encourage building evening meals with protein, vegetables and some low GI grains. Here are some great websites that have easy recipes that don’t have crazy long ingredient lists!

Providing healthy meals for yourself and your family becomes a lot easier when you take just a little bit of time to plan.

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