Health and wellbeing goes beyond simply eating better and moving more. Lifestyle habits are influenced by so many factors and having a positive mindset is one way to help navigate the challenges of habit changes.

When we talk “Mindset” this is really the perceptions and beliefs you have about yourself. These perceptions influence your behaviour, outlook and attitude which can make changes seem impossible or possible! Think fixed mindset or growth mindset. For example, if you believe you are likely to fail at making a change, you will find all the barriers and obstacles and likely give up. Those self-defeating thinking patterns make changing habits very difficult.

On the flip side, with a growth or positive mindset, you believe you can achieve your goals and setbacks are part of the learning process habit changes become less overwhelming and more achievable.

There are a few tips and tricks to help shift mindset from one that is challenging and “fixed” to one that is positive and supportive.

Firstly, take time to understand your mindset – what are your motivators? why do you want to change?

Then take steps daily to focus on the things you do well, and the positive things in your life. And practice, practise, practise: 

“Positive psychology activities such as journaling daily kindness, gratitude and self-reflection can play a huge part in keeping your mind light”


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If you’re ready to get take steps towards better health, a great place to begin is to think about where you want to go:

  • Map out your vision
  • Create SMART goals
  • Make food and fitness fun
  • Be flexible!

Checkout my Facebook Live with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet talking about Mindset: