Listening to your hunger cues could be the answer…

Are you in tune with your appetite? Unsure if it’s really hunger or just wanting to satisfy an emotional need?

With so many “ways” to eat, or to fast, or to time restrict, or the list goes one, it’s know wonder so many people struggle with understanding true hunger and fullness. But there is a way to get back to listening to your body’s food needs and a simple tool is called the Hunger Level Scale.

The Hunger Level Scale can help you to work out how hungry you really are and may help you to decide whether you actually need to be eating or not. It describes the physical sensations from starvation to full and gives a rating from 1 to 10. 

The ideal pattern is to start a meal when you rate ‘3’ on the scale before eating and then stop when you reach ‘6’. 

If you leave your meal till you’re sitting at ‘1’ or ‘2’, it can be mighty hard to recognise the “fullness” signal. You can experience a loss of control, over eat, make poor food choices, and potentially reach a ‘7’ or more on the scale.

Practising recording your hunger and fullness before and after you eat will help you better understand what makes you stop and start eating. 

If you’ve lost your way with understanding your appetite – the Hunger Level Scale could be a great tool for you.

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